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Tynor Weight Cuff (H03UBZ) - 2Kg
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Tynor Weight Cuff (H03UBZ) - 2Kg - Wrist Support


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Tynor Weight Cuff(Muscle Strength,Durable, Comfortable)-2 KG,Universal Size


Tynor Weight Cuff is designed for a complete physiotherapy program. It has a long and double safety hook and loop closure for easy adjustment and a secure fitting. It is designed for a snug fit, ease of wearing, and no migration during exercise.  The extended flap improves grip and protection from Velcro strap bite. Can be ideally used for passive exercise programs and active exercise programs for paraplegics, invalids, and Gym goers.  Weight cuff helps in improving muscle strength, muscle tone, and stamina through isotonic resisting exercises.  It can drastically improve the effectiveness of walk, running, and aerobics.  

  • Weight cuff is ideal for strength gain, general physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. This can be used during normal chores to improve strength and stamina.
  • Hook loop safety and reverse buckle mechanism ensures complete safety & prevent falling.
  • Smooth steel balls glide ensures soft feel, no injuries, ease of wearning & thighting.
  • Aerodynamic shape with high quality material ensures good grip,better aesthetics and high cushioning.


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