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Our most popular categories:

Davagenie grants all your medical wishes under one app. Our range of categories include:

Ayurvedic care:

Customers who opt for a more natural form of medication face issues meeting their ayurvedic needs. We help you meet these needs by offering the goodness of nature to your doorstep. Fulfill all your medical wishes on Davagenie.

Baby & Mom:

While moms are busy doing what they do best, being moms, Davagenie offers a hand by delivering your baby & mom essentials such as diapers, rash creams, baby wipes and infant baby food to your doorstep.

Covid care:

Davagenie offers Covid Care products such as Masks, Steam vaporizers, Pulse Oximeter, Hand Sanitizer, Air Purifier, Compressor Nebulizer, and non-contact thermometer along with other immunity-boosting products to your doorstep.


Post pandemic times have shown us the critical need for investing in home testing devices. Davagenie makes your lives easier by delivering devices such as Oximeter, Thermometer, Inhaler, Blood pressure monitor, Glucometer, etc, right to your doorstep.

Diabetic Care:

Checking your sugar regularly is a great practice in keeping diabetes under check. Now your diabetic needs can be met seamlessly with just a few clicks. From medicines to sugar testing devices, get same-day delivery on Davagenie.

Ortho Care:

Running out of Orthopedic medicines? We have got your back. Now you can order orthopedic medicines & health supplements with just a few clicks on the Davagenie app.

Personal care:

Our daily lives revolve around Personal care products. Davagenie caters to this need by delivering products such as Bath products, Skincare essentials, Razor blades, Toothpaste and toothbrush, Wet wipes, Lip balm, Face masks, Hand sanitizer, etc seamlessly at the comfort of your home.

Women Care:

Need medical supplies urgently? Simply call out to one of our Genies on the Davagenie app. Get women's care products delivered seamlessly with just a few clicks, order now.

Why Choose Davagenie?

Genuine brands:

Buy authentic medicines from a range of our trusted brands including Accu-chek, Dr. Morepen, OneTouch, etc.

Same-day delivery:

Quick no hassle delivery to your doorstep. Davagenie grants all your medical wishes with just a few simple clicks.

Your safety, our priority:

Davagenie places your safety at the heart of our priorities. We ensure non-contact delivery and take all safety precautions while delivering good health to our customers.